Pedagogy and Products August 28, 2015

This week’s edition of P & P is all about unusual approaches to music education. Ideas and programs that may not be among the traditional, but are still excellent ways to implement music education programs. Good Medicine. A great doctor has many tasks that go into building an excellent reputation: wielding a scalpel with precision; listening to his patient’s symptoms; writing prescriptions; solving complex medical problems….playing piano? While your family practitioner may not be an accomplished musician, a recent charity event held at the Harriet Himmel Theater in West Palm Beach, FL featured several talented physicians who are musical talents as well, in a concert to benefit local childre

How to Support your Young Musician

We're very excited this week to share some excellent information from! Below is an intro written from Suzy St. George from the Take Lessons offices, followed by an awesome infographic. For more information, head over to the Take Lessons website here, or check out the links below. Taking music lessons is an awesome experience for kids of all ages! But to keep kids' motivation levels high, it's important for parents to take an active role. While your child's piano teacher is there to guide the lessons, your job takes place in between the lessons - including facilitating practice time, making sure the right materials are available, and including music as a part of your family'

Pedagogy and Products August 21, 2015

Time-Saving Practice Routines. Your voice teacher is always stressing the importance of daily vocal practice, but your life is already filled with enough activities to make finding the time to get that vocal workout in difficult. Then, there’s the problem of just what resource to use: should you pay a high price for a CD, only to find that the teaching style doesn’t jive with your needs, or discover the instructor spends too much time explaining vocal technique without getting into the real nitty-gritty of practice drills. Furthermore, what should you concentrate on? Breathing, relaxation, vowel drills, or runs? How much would you appreciate a reasonably-priced, quick, and easy-to-follow voc

How Are Musicians like Archaeologists?

One of my favorite things to do in accompaniment with music is listening to musicians talk about music. There’s an old quote that I find funny that says “talking about music is like dancing about architecture.” While I think this definitely hits home, and that our language falls a bit short of expressing the ideas music can, it’s still amazing listening to the artists themselves trying to dissect and elaborate on the art form so dear to them. Sometimes the philosophy of music, if you will, can inspire and motivate me even greater than listening to the music itself. This is especially true as a teacher, since I am consistently confronted with the tall order of using words to express what musi

Getting the Most out of Licks Pt. 2

A few weeks back, I wrote about my thoughts on the two camps regarding licks that most guitarists seem to settle in, and how I felt the best approach was to find a happy medium between the two. You can read it all here. As a quick recap, I think it's essential to learn ideas from other musicians, but I feel as though it is just as vital to make them your own. In this way, you come from a tradition that came before you, giving your musical ideas context, and some background for your ideas. Experimenting with them, however, is what gives you your own voice and expression, so you don't end up sounding like a robot churning out licks exactly as you had learned them. In this week's blog, I

Jam Session July, 2015

Here's the newest issue of our Monthly Jam Sessions! I strongly enourage going back an issue or two and seeing how much these students have grown in such a short time. So awesome that these allow us to document a student's growth! Check out the PDF here! You can stay in touch with these, and our other content, by subscribing to our newsletter, or following us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, or Instagram. Any questions or something you'd like to add? Leave a comment below, or email me at! Happy practicing! Mike Lowden Guitar Instructor, Co-Owner Falls Music School

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