Children's Program

We offer a fun and interactive music program for young kids. We come into your facility and teach kids how to play all types of different instruments from all over the world!


Our Goal:


To provide an educational, interactive, and fun environment for children to grow physically, psychologically, socially, and musically.



Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, ukulele, keyboard, banjo, mandolin, djembe, kalimba, didgeridoo and many more! Instruments can change based on children’s needs, abilities, and preferences.


Typical 1-hour session:


1-5 minutes: Introduction of program and teachers
6-15 minutes: History lesson of one instrument (instrument will change each week)
16-20 minutes: Introduce and explain other instruments in case new children are present.
21-40 minutes: Showcase technical aspects. This involves bringing a volunteer up to learn the fundamentals of physically playing the selected instrument. Afterwards, additional volunteers can come up to try it out too!
41-60 minutes: All instruments are available to play. Instructors will rotate helping each child personally.


Additional notes about program:


  • Program subject to changed based on needs, preferences, and abilities of children. Time allotted to each activity may change as program progresses.

  • We have a color-coded system that teaches participants to play on their own. It will make it easy but stimulate their brain at the same time.


Fill out the form if you would like more information or a free 1 hour session!

Kids get to learn to play all types of cool instruments!

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