Here are Kath and Mike using a fun game to teach kids all about counting rhythms!

give your child the opportunity

What do all of the great musicians in history have in common? It's not as tough of a question as you might think. Whether it was Mozart or Taylor Swift (or everyone in between), the people who have changed the world with their music did one thing: they started young. Very young. Is your son or daughter next? Our class will help you find out.

The Next Big Thing? 

You might already know them. All of that tugging on your sleeve from your son or daughter about wanting to learn music is a sign of something brewing. All of the singing coming from the backseat of your car points to something special. Your child has a passion and it needs to be explored.  The sooner this exploration can start, the more success your child will have. As a music school, we see it all the time.


The proud feeling you'll get as you see your child grow into an awesome musician is like none other. Coming home from work or cooking dinner becomes so pleasant as the sounds of piano or your child's singing voice flows through your house. Imagine some family friends being treated to a little concert put on by your own child after coming over for dinner! 


If you know your young child is already interested in learning about music, or you feel like they could benefit from taking the first step into learning about music, you should not wait around. The sooner a child starts with music, the bigger of an advantage they will have. This is why Green Music School is offering a class especially for your toddler. How will this jump start their music career? Check out what they'll learn.


Learn the basics of music

Your child will learn things such as the "musical alphabet", note values, reading and counting rhythms, reading music, and even about all types of different instruments. What better way to get a good hold on what it takes to be a musician, regardless of what instrument or style they may choose down the road. 

sing and play fun songs designed to Educate

Learning music should always include having some fun singing and playing songs! The songs picked out for this class will not only reinforce everything that they are learning, but will make sure your child is having fun and stays engaged for the whole session. Afterall, you play music, you don't work music!

Make Musical crafts (and take them home, too)

We want your child to have something to play music with after they leave so that the fun and education can continue. Your child will have some extra fun at our session making his or her own instruments to take home with them! 

Here's one of our piano teachers, Angelica, teaching kids all about reading and writing musical notes!

Sign Up To Start Your Child's Musical Journey Here!

*Sign Ups Will Be Limited To Only 10 Students. 
This workshop will be $50 for the public, but only $25 for brothers and sisters of our current students. After signing up, we will contact you for payment.

This session will be held Sunday, November 19th from 2pm-4pm at Green Music School

3577 S. Arlington Rd. 
Green, OH 44312


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