The #1 Absolute Best Way To Practice

March 25, 2015

The #1 Absolute Best Way to Practice.


Sorry. This doesn’t exist.

I have a lot of students and parents ask me what the best way is for themselves or their child to get the ball rolling on playing their guitar. I know other teachers of different instruments get this too. The fact is, there isn’t a one size fits all type of answer, at least in my opinion. Bring on the mob and pitchforks.

Things can vary depending on age, goals, time available, and what instrument it is that you’re learning. Most importantly, though, it’s all about how your brain works.

In my time of teaching, if there’s one thing that’s really stuck out to me is how different people "tick"-this is one of my favorite things about teaching, in fact. What’s hard for one person can be a cinch or another, and how people look at things can greatly affect how I teach them and how I might recommend practicing. Yes, there are some time tested go-to methods that I really enjoy, but Andres Segovia and Guthrie Govan have very different methods of practice, and it would be silly to say either one of them lacked technical facility. Surely, they both experimented, and found what worked best for them. In my opinion, this is what we all should be doing. Some wonderful players were shaped by the Suzuki method, but forcing someone who doesn’t personally respond to it will very often make the student give up. We want more musicians in the world, not less, no matter how we get there.

I’ll be making some blogs in the future about some practice methods I’ve found seem to respond well with me, as well as some styles I’ve found respond well with other types of people. I’ll break certain things down into schedules, time allotments and so on, but remember that these aren’t scripture, but just new ideas to experiment with for yourself or your child. This is a brief, but powerful idea I want to leave you with for now.

If you want some other great ideas on how to practice before I get into the nitty gritty of it all next week, I recommend checking out this great website that I consistently scour.

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Happy Practicing!

Mike Lowden
Guitar Instructor, Co-Owner


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